Good interim figures Simac

Simac concluded the first six months of 2017 positively with a 6% rise in turnover and a doubling of the operating result. During the first period for 2017, turnover comes to €97.8 million and the operation result to €3.2 million. Expectations for the second period are also positive.

All activities contribute to the positive developments

Simac operates in several countries and the operating companies are responsible for various activities. The companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Czech Republic that focus on ICT services achieve positive results. In the Netherlands and Belgium, this also applies to our companies that focus on ICT applications, industrial automation and measuring & connection solutions.

Investments and participating interests

With innovation being its main objective, Simac has participating interests in other companies. This portfolio was extended during the first six months. We took a (minority) share in start-ups such as Vital10 (online personal healthcare) and Treams (software for team performance measurement) and we provided support to HSLnet (a fibreglass network in Heeze-Leende) through management and an investment in bonds. Simac ICT Czech Republic continues to invest in Passengera (public transport software and WiFi). Investments are scheduled for the next six month too, both in core activities and new technologies. We do not expect these investments to contribute to Simac's profitability in the short term but we do feel that they will eventually add value to the innovation of our services and the expansion of our product portfolio.


Given the healthy order portfolio and our clients’ confidence, we expect turnover to grow in the second period of 2017 and to achieve a positive development of the operating result.

Veldhoven, 03 August 2017

08 August 2017
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