Purchase-to-Pay software

Simac Document Solutions and Palette initiated their partnership in 2008 and today Simac is one of the largest Palette resellers in Europe. Simac sells, implements and supports Palette’s AP solution at large and medium-sized organizations in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

"Palette is a flexible and scalable solution. The automated PO matching as well as matching to contracts, are great time savers for our customers. When invoices are approved and paid with zero touch, our customers can focus on their core business."

Dico Harteman - Salesmanager at Simac Document Solutions

Experts in Purchase-to-Pay

With more than 20 years of experience in Purchase-to-Pay automation and Accounts Payable, Simac Document Solutions has over 400 references in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, education, retail and healthcare.

"We are happy to have a dedicated partner in the Netherlands. Simac’s AP and P2P team has a high level of competence in business processing and digital technology. Their sales team have closed many good accounts, which means good business for both parties."

Mikael Eriksson - Sales Director, Palette Software

The partnership

Peter Bouwmans explains: "Most of our Palette customers were acquired thanks to our own effort and expertise. But when we need the experience from a senior product specialist, Palette has always offered support which has been very valuable for our business."

"The cooperation and relationship with Palette has always been good. Both parties have invested time and resources to reach business goals in our local markets."

Peter Bouwmans - Managing Director at Simac Document Solutions

A user-friendly and flexible solution

Pieter Roos is part of Simac' support team and has many years of experience with PaletteArena. He comments: "When Palette software is implemented the right way it fits perfectly to the organization. The daily activities such as processing incoming invoices and managing the approval workflow are automated tasks and work with minimal or no manual touch."

"End users find Palette easy to work with. If any of our customers encounter a challenging technical issue not easily solved, I always get excellent help from Palette’s third line support."

Pieter Roos - Senior software engineer & support at Simac Document Solutions

New functionality and features

Sebastian van Til, P2P consultant at Simac Document Solutions adds:

"Sometimes our customers ask for a new functionality. We pass that on to Palette’s R&D team as a feature request. It’s nice to know that these ideas aren’t ignored. That makes Palette a good partner for us and our customers."

"What will the future bring? Palette is developing their services and the product and that is a good sign. What were additional functionalities before are now standard in the software."

Peter Bouwmans - Managing Director at Simac Document Solutions

Modules of Palette software

PO Matching
Contract Management
Expense Management
Buyer Module
Spend Analyse