& Simac your machine vision partner

Why are STEMMER IMAGING (former Iris Vision) & Simac partners? 
In 2005 the cooperation between Iris Vision and Simac started. In 2012 STEMMER IMAGING acquired Iris Vision. The contacts between STEMMER IMAGING were good from the start en the cooperation very promising. Simac & STEMMER IMAGING became an important cooperation partner in the field of Machine Vision. In June 2020 Simac became a Certified Integration Partner of STEMMER IMAGING. 
Simac have been integrating machine vision systems into its products since the 1990s. After market research and extensive in-house testing, a number of preferred brands of machine vision components have been selected. STEMMER IMAGING was the supplier for a large number of these brands and the two companies have worked closely to ensure that the vision systems in the Simac products are of the highest quality and deliver the best possible performance. The relationship with STEMMER IMAGING is very much a collaboration. Through many years of vision integration in different industries in multiple markets we have become a true knowledge centre and we would always be happy to recommend STEMMER IMAGING to others who need machine vision support.

STEMMER IMAGING was founded in 1987 and listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange since 2018. STEMMER IMAGING has staff located across Europe and Latin America. Their business started with machine vision in the factory automation sector but have always been very market diverse. STEMMER IMAGING has kept abreast of the evolution of machine vision and are seeing a move towards non-industrial applications.

Simac machine vision systems
Ensuring that rubber stoppers and plungers used in pharmaceutical vials and syringes are free from defects and contamination is of paramount importance. Our fully automated visual inspection systems have been designed to meet that challenge.
Utilising multi-camera high-speed vision systems, developed in conjunction with STEMMER IMAGING, in combination with metal detection, they provide 100% inspection of these products and provide automatic rejection of out-of-specification products.
STEMMER IMAGING can provide you with the perfect machine vision components for your application as they continually evaluate a wide range of technologies selecting the best solutions, supported with indepth knowledge. Their easy to install solutions address a wide range of diverse applications including factory floor automation, 2D, 3D and hyperspectral measurements, surface inspection, print and packaging automation, robotics, reading and verification of labels and barcodes, as well as high-speed image recording.