University Fund Eindhoven

The Eindhoven University Fund (UFe) does everything it can to support education, research and student culture at the TU / e. It does this in close collaboration with the business community and industry in the region. With the funds from the UFe, activities and events can be realized that cannot be realized without its support
For example, the UFe supports student study trips. The purpose of these trips is to test the theory in an international (business) context. The participants bring a wealth of practical knowledge and cultural baggage back from their trip.

In the scientific field, the UFe contributes to supporting research at TU / e. These could be symposiums, where scientists give presentations about their scientific work, or lectures where internationally respected scientists speak.
The UFe with its contributions is also of decisive importance for student culture. Especially in a technical environment, music, dance and theater contribute to enriching student life.
Simac is Star sponsor of the Eindhoven University Fund
An extensive interview with Simac CEO Eric van Schagen can be found in the 2019 annual report of the University Fund.

University Fund Eindhoven

Linked to Eindhoven University of Technology
The board consists of alumni working in the business world
Eric van Schagen (CEO Simac) is also chairman

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