NIS2 Whitepaper

NIS2 what does it mean for your organisation?

New cybersecurity legislation coming from the EU is on its timeline: NIS2, or the Network and Information Systems 2 Directive. The European directive requires a host of additional companies to take measures to protect their network and information systems from cyber threats.

NIS2 applies to organisations that are considered essential to the functioning of society, such as energy companies, transport companies, digital service providers but also companies in food supply, healthcare, financial market infrastructure, digital infrastructure, government services, banking, space services and the entire supply chain in those sectors.

Wondering what exactly NIS2 means and what it means for your business? We will help you get started. Download our whitepaper and find out:

  • Which organisations are subject to the NIS2 directive
  • A comprehensive overview of the NIS2 guidelines
  • What measures your organisation needs to take to be and remain compliant

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