When setting up our ICT solutions for financial services, we looked closely at the most important current themes within this sector: cheaper, more transparent and customer-oriented. These are the challenges that financial service providers face. The crisis has changed the segment forever, confidence in the sector has disappeared. Everyone must quickly launch new revenue models and comply with ever stricter regulations. Financial service providers are therefore forced to realize a safer and simpler IT landscape.

Medium-sized players ask for help

But is everything still possible on its own? Particularly the medium-sized players in the segment struggle to fill in the changing and running of their organization. They need help with implementing the necessary changes. With our ICT solutions for financial services we help to realize secure, compliant ICT infrastructures. On the one hand, we are unburdening, with security-based ICT solutions for financial services and by supplying a new, modular ICT infrastructure. On the other hand, we help to achieve cost reduction, flexibilisation and new business models by sharing experiences from our own organization and customers from other segments.