Every company naturally wants its IT systems to be continuously available. This certainly applies to SAP systems, which are at the heart of your internal business operations. An outage for even a short period of time results in lost sales and - possibly - reputational damage. This means that you need to monitor your SAP systems continuously. However, monitoring one or more SAP systems on a daily basis is a time-consuming activity. After all, you will have to continuously monitor many parameters.

Stable and up-to-date SAP landscape

Monitoring your SAP landscape becomes much easier when you know what to monitor and use handy tools. In this way, you ensure structured, effective and efficient management: Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Simac IT NL has the required specialised knowledge and experience for this. Together with your organisation's strategy, we can offer concrete solutions. This provides you with a sound basis for a stable and up-to-date SAP landscape.

SAP Solution Manager

Many companies recognize the usefulness of management tools to actively use them to support their SAP activities. However, SAP Solution Manager application management requires specific knowledge that not everyone has in-house. Simac IT NL specializes in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with SAP Solution Manager, Focused Solutions and SAP Cloud ALM. We have years of experience with the SAP Solution Manager.

A successful transition to S/4HANA

Why SAP Solution Manager is the prerequisite

It has been called one of the best-kept secrets in implementing S/4HANA: SAP Solution Manager. This e-book changes that.

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Keeping knowledge up to date

We constantly keep our knowledge of SAP and SAP Solution Manager up to date. For example, Simac IT NL plays an active role in the SAP Solution Manager focus group of the Vereniging Nederlandstalige SAP Gebruikers (VNSG) and the Deutschsprachige SAP-Anwendergruppe (DSAG). We are also in direct contact with those responsible for ALM at SAP SE, and act as a customer board for product developers within SAP SE. Furthermore, Simac IT NL supplies the trainers for all SAP Solution Manager courses of SAP Education in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Why SAP ALM through Simac IT NL?

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