Customer needs and requirements are constantly changing. To best meet these expectations, it is crucial that your applications are perfectly aligned with your business. This requires constant attention to innovation. You will need to provide your systems with the right infrastructure and configuration. Together with the right support, this ensures continuity and satisfied customers.

Benefits of SAP application management outsourcing

By outsourcing functional application management, you avoid risks and can save on your maintenance costs. The advantage for you is that you can fully concentrate on your core business and optimally serve your clients. Simac IT NL has the necessary knowledge and tools in-house to guarantee the continuity, performance, capacity and optimization of your SAP applications.


In this e-book, you will read about the benefits of moving to the cloud and what it means for functional management tasks, among other things.

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Knowledge of SAP and business processes

Our certified SAP consultants combine SAP expertise with knowledge of your business processes: remote, on-site and project-based. Where we see opportunities for improvement, we take the initiative to discuss these with you. Depending on your wishes, Simac IT NL can take over full SAP management, or you can engage us for specific expertise and management services.

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Why outsource your functional management?

Avoiding risks
Saving on maintenance costs
Full focus on core business
Optimal attention to your customers
Certified SAP consultants