Enterprises are making more and more, and more intensive, use of SAP systems. The system landscape is becoming larger and more complex, and new functionalities and users are constantly being added. The demands placed on these complex systems in terms of continuity and security are increasing. You can choose to technically support your SAP system yourself. Another option is to outsource it to certified SAP consultants.

SAP certified consultants

When you outsource the management of your SAP system to the SAP certified consultants of Simac IT NL, you can be sure that you keep up with the latest technological developments. They can provide all technical services required to guarantee the availability of your SAP systems. Think of set-up, configuration, upgrades and patches, performance analysis and tuning. And just as important: it also allows you to save on the maintenance costs of your SAP management.

Move from SAP to SAP HANA

In this e-book you will read, among other things, exactly how SAP HANA works and the most important changes when it comes to SAP technical management.

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Simac IT NL offers total solutions and 24/7 support service as well as temporary support. You can decide what you purchase, so that you only pay for what you actually need. We offer you a flexible and scalable contract, giving you the assurance of optimum availability, continuity and performance. We identify and resolve potential issues at an early stage, ensuring you optimal business continuity.

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That's why outsource your technical management:

Unburdening by certified SAP consultants
Guarantee of availability of your SAP systems
Saving on maintenance costs
Flexible scaling up and down
24/7 support possible