Management change at Simac Masic bv

28 January 2019

As from January 1st 2019 the management changed at Simac Masic bv (formerly Simac Masic & TSS bv). After twenty-five years, the current director Marc de Regt hands over his responsibilities to Ivo de Rooij.

Within the Simac company, Simac Masic specializes in turn-key machine building and machine vision projects for industrial production environments, worldwide. Also assembly of high quality subcomponents is a core activity. As a distributor Simac supplies and services high-tech test- and production equipment as well as consumables to the semiconductor, medical and industrial markets.

Marc de Regt managed this Dutch company in a solid and dedicated way for the last twenty-five years. He looks back satisfied and at the same time forward. "Simac Masic is financially strong and is doing well in many aspects. After 25 years, I feel it’s appropriate for a new generation of management to make its appearance. "

The former director of sales, Ivo de Rooij, is now appointed as managing director of Simac Masic bv. Ivo has been working at Simac Masic for two years and has worked for more than 20 years at Simac Electronics bv, another successful Simac operating company.

"The Simac Masic team makes technology work for customers," says Ivo. "We build visual inspection machines for the pharmaceutical industry, which are regarded as technology leading within the segment. In recent years, we have built strong customer relationships in this area and for our production, distribution and service activities. There is a solid basis for further success and we look forward to the future with both confidence and curiosity. "