The biggest challenge for the wholesale sector is to offer sufficient added value in the chain. On the one hand ICT plays an important role in enabling a company to offer this added value, for example by automating processes. On the other hand, a wholesaler can focus better on its core activities by outsourcing certain ICT services. Simac’s ICT solutions for the wholesale sector make all this possible.

ICT infrastructure as a sound foundation

If you want to seize the opportunities offered by ICT, we believe that a sound foundation in the shape of an ICT infrastructure is crucial. Our ICT solutions for the wholesale sector are based on such an infrastructure, for the workplaces, the network and the data centre. We help companies with excellent cloud solutions and ensure secure and reliable connections.

Solutions for document automation

Our services relating to ICT solutions for the wholesale sector go further. For example, you can turn to us for a complete electronic invoice flow. Is it necessary for every invoice to go through an approval process? Not if the invoice is automatically matched. Three-way matching, for example of the purchase order, the packing slip and the invoice, is therefore the key feature of our Purchase-to-Pay solution. If an order or contract is recorded for every obligation, the payment can automatically be matched with the delivery. You only handle the exceptions. This means that no invoices are unnecessarily delayed or take a long time to process. We would be happy to work with you to make improvements in this area.