Higher Education is constantly evolving to meet new challenges. Greater competition, increasing fees and changing statutory and funding requirements. With over 20 years of experience, Simac’s Presto solution has been designed to support you to meet these challenges, by providing more efficient monitoring, engagement and learner analytical support.


We understand the challenges

Technology is the enabler and not the whole answer. Our experience working with a variety of institutions has provided us with valuable insight into many of the issues that can impact upon a project; areas such as poor timetabling data, timetable changes, quality issues from the student records system or lack of engagement from a variety of directions. Knowing the challenges that any project can face, helps us to help you to avoid or mitigate them.

Automated attendance monitoring

Thanks to our fully automated attendance monitoring system, Presto, managing and supporting the accurate recording of student’s attendance has never been easier. Presto effectively supports a broad range of collection methods for academic delivery and exams including: cards, self-registration, WIFI and readers or any combination. With Presto, you can, for example, quickly identify unauthorised absences and through an effective work flow system (PrestoFlow) readily identify students at risk and engage your support services much earlier.

Presto - Flexibility is key

Presto is flexible too. We have designed it to evolve with your institutions policy and operational processes, today and tomorrow. Presto will not restrict your choice of collection methods, academic delivery models or operational changes as they are required.

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