Higher Education is individual and project based, with that we lose the direct overview of the involvement of students. Especially for first-year students, it is important to monitor whether they have made the appropriate choice and remain focused.

Contact moments

Because of that Presto has expanded its attendance monitoring module with the registration of the data of contact moments, such as library visits, work in Moocs, sporting events, wifi contact in an open learning environment, a meeting with a lecturer, these will all be registered as contact moments. This is an addendum on the registration of timetabled group based education. For this form of attendance registration Simac has 14 different and tested methods, ranging from cards and readers, a digital class book, self-registration on smartphones to S-beacons. All methods can be used simultaneously.

Early Warning module

The Early Warning module includes a series of modules to monitor this commitment. The business rules are freely configurable per institution, faculty or department and initiating events; an email, a report or an appointment. The actions are monitored and tracked in a workflow management module.

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