It must be recognizable: Large numbers of students that are taking exams together, large spaces in which control is carried out by invigilators. Students subscribe, but don’t show up or students that are not authorized to take the exam. The existing control on paper is devious and the data is not real-time…

No (exam) stress

We provide the solution. Our exam registration module offers a fully automated door policy control.

A second control can take place by the invigilators with a smartphone that can read the smart cards and provide the meta data of the students including specific data for access to the exam itself.

Good grades guaranteed

This solution is reviewed with 9’s and tens by the invigilators, but also the students are very pleased. The entrance to an exam is sped up dramatically. The institution benefits on review of the exam forms because ‘ghost students’ are avoided.

This solution of Simac is an extra module of the Presto 4 attendance monitoring suite in which all integrations with SIS’s are available as the integration of timetabling suites.

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Exam registration by Simac

Real time information
Easy control
Awarded with 9,5 out of 10