I have booked a meeting room, but why are there people in there? Is there a meeting room available? Can you make sure that this room is free for me to receive my guests?

Managing general meeting rooms that should be available for all the users has never been easy. Do you, as a facility manager, get these questions over and over again?

Booking meeting rooms: real-time and online

Reservo, part of the Pronto suite, offers an answer to these questions. Integrating with web room bookers it allows you to provide access to those who booked the room and preventing unauthorised use at the same time. Reservations are made online and processed real-time so that rooms are available when needed. An integration with, for example, Outlook provides other users directly feedback on the availability of the rooms.

“You never have to ask others to leave, freeing the rooms for your own guests”

Welcoming visitors

Reservo makes sure that your rooms are available for those who have made the reservations and their guests. Any room user that has an identifier can get access to the room by presenting the identifier. For visitors, visitor badges or meeting room badges can be prepared so they can have access to the meeting rooms as well.

Welcoming visitors just the way you want it.