How to keep your ThermoStream or Pressure Cooker running smoothly

Simac is distributor of inTEST Thermal Solutions ThermoStreams and distributor of Hirayama Pressure Cookers supplying equipment with the complete package of service, maintenance, repair and calibration.


Advantage of defined spare parts kit
It is of utmost importance to keep your ThermoStream or Pressure Cooker equipment up and on running at all times. A minimum number of spare parts and consumables should be in stock and at hand near your equipment. Based on our installed base we have, together with our partners InTest Thermal Solutions and Hirayama Manufacturing Corporation, defined spare part kits with all the needed spare parts and consumables.



How can I get such a defined spare parts kit?
Send us the serial number(s) of your inTEST Thermal Solutions ThermoStream or Hirayama Pressure Cooker to and we will return you:

  • a personalized spare parts list
  • an overview of the content of the recommended spare parts & consumables kit
  • a list with the corresponding prices