“Teamnology is not just a term, it really feels that way"

In 2019 a Japanese company bought an automated vision inspection machine from us. It was the first time this company, a leader in the industry, chose a machine builder outside its own country.
Every machine we build is a masterpiece but if I have to highlight one then it is the inspection machine for the pharmaceutical industry. All disciplines we have in house are involved: mechanics, electrical engineering, Vision, SCADA and PLC. Also the customer is involved from the beginning till the end.

Special moment
It is always a special moment when a machine is finally ready for shipment to the customer. That special feeling is even stronger when we have built a vision inspection machine. You really build such a machine with the entire company and it takes us better part of a year. Seeing the customer enthusiastic about the result makes us proud. We celebrate this special moment treating ourselves to cake! You have to celebrate successes, right? That is exactly what Teamnology means to Ruben: "The fact that you can realize something special, together".


“Teamnology is not just a term, it really feels that way. We make beautiful things, work hard for our customers and are proud of it. That makes it pleasant for me to work here”.

Rubben Donners - Field service engineer

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