Dicing blades

Dicing blades

Simac dicing blades are used for Wafer Dicing, BGA, CSP, GaAs, GaP, LED Package singulation, Plastic Package, compound semiconductors, glass, ceramics, crystals and most other materials.
They are one key to Simac's excellence in dicing applications.

Simac helps you to make the right choice for right blade

Simac is expertized to advise customers in making the right choice for the right blade for the choosen application in various markets. This in combination with direct technical backup from the manufacturers.

Lower TCO

Providing free samples, short delivery time and sharp prices Simac offers you a fitting solution for new applications or replacing existing less profitable blades and thus resulting in a lower TCO (total costs of ownership).

Second source

Looking for an optional second source for blades we will give you the opportunity to have compatible or even better performing blades with sharp prices and long life time. Simac is capable of replacing existing blades by better performing or better priced blades with comparable performance. 

Face to face

Simac will discuss with you face to face your application on request and has short responding time on your technical questions and requests for quotations or other topics. We are looking forward to your request and we will do our best to deliver you best fitting dicing blades. Together we can discuss your application and set-up with the technical back-up from the manufacturer our expertise we will improve your dicing process.

Best blade proposal for your application

As we need your input to achieve the best blade proposal for your application we will ask you to fill in an application document as detailed as possible. Further the free samples as mentioned above should be already to best choice maybe with 1 or 2 improved blades later on. This means that sample blades must be discussed upfront as well. The amount of free samples usually is 3-5 pieces.