05 October 2023

Behind-the-scenes shooting day new vision inspection system video

The time has finally come! Our beautiful vision inspection system is in the spotlight today.

It took us a while. Plans to make a brand new video of our vision inspection systems date back more than six months. Several parties were invited to discuss our needs, how we want to show our beautiful vision inspection system.

Finally we managed to come to a script to make it an effectively and successfull shooting day. 

It was great to see the effort of everyone involved that make this shooting day to an absolute success! 

We are very excited about the end result! Stay tuned. We can’t wait to share it with you!


After visiting Simac Masic several times I got a good impression of this nice company. Listened to the enthusiastic people who work there. It was great working with the whole team. I am very happy with this Simac order.

Max Bijl - MABI productions