08 December 2022

Petra Dohmen will join our Simac Masic team January 1st 2023

Petra Dohmen Purchaser Simac Masic January 1st 2023

Petra, private
My name is Petra Dohmen, 46 years old, live with my partner and 8 year old daughter in Hoensbroek. In my free time I like to hang out with my family and friends, go to the movies, eat out and do fun things.  I am an energetic driven personality, sometimes a bit stubborn but with a good dose of humor. Recently I am active as a staff member in the scouting. I think it is important for children to play together outside in nature and make friends instead of playing with their iPad. Playing outside promotes curiosity, creativity and critical thinking.

Petra, purchaser
I have studied "Inkoopmanagement" and am "NEVI1" certified. Fourteen years now in the purchasing profession and still getting positive energy from this. My added value lies in negotiating, improving processes, connecting people and departments. I look forward to join Simac Masic's purchasing team in January in the role of team leader and tactical purchaser. 

I look forward to start working at Simac Masic, meeting my new colleagues in January! For now I wish you all a happy holiday season and a prosperous & healthy 2023!

Petra Dohmen Simac Masic - purchaser as from January 1st 2023