Intelligent Cabling

Simac built its cabling reputation and know-how over 35 years, always keeping at the forefront of technological advances. This has given us a full understanding of technology migration as it is related to cabling, and enables us to provide the cabling foundation necessary to build stable and reliable communications systems.

Whether the requirements are network, data, video or telephony cabling, our staff of well-trained and multifunctional professionals offers fully installed, tested and certified CAT 5E, CAT 6, Coax and fiber cabling solutions. Cable installation projects are implemented using industry standards such as IEEE and BiCSi and are certified to EIA/TIA standards.


Simac can initiate and implement your cabling projects, giving highly qualified, personal attention to every detail from conception to completion. Our experienced engineers will provide you with expert recommendations for your cabling requirements. We will create a cost-effective networking environment with an emphasis on flexibility and future expansion.  Throughout the process, our Project Manager will coordinate with construction teams, suppliers and anyone else involved in the process, ensuring transparency and making sure your are completely satisfied with your project.

Our real-time physical layer network management solutions allow our customers to create an intelligent network infrastructure, including real-time monitoring and reporting from anywhere, providing full visibility of every change. Intelligent cabling increases the flexibility and control of network assets, and reduces installation and maintenance costs, technician and IT manager time and company downtime to a minimum.

Computer - and Data room Integration

Are you facing the construction of a new data center or the renewal of an existing one in your renovated facilities?

Computer room infrastructure design, planning and management results in a huge workload. Simac can provide advice and assistance in the design and implementation phase, and may help you with the overall project management. We understand the critical importance of your network. And because of our daily contacts with partners and vendors, we can determine who has the best equipment for your infrastructure, at the best price. 

Our services entail: 

  • budget preparation for the design, building, installation, refurbishing, relocation, maintenance and support of your computer room
  • development of architectural program requirements, specifications and drawings for data centers and server rooms
  • design of the communication cabling system
  • planning, management and development of the equipment project plan
  • airco- and electrical designs
  • consultancy, design, implementation and management of disaster recovery plans

Simac selects and coordinates the partners and suppliers. You only have to liaise with one person, your Simac Project Manager. He is at the center of the project from the very beginning, even at the proposal stage, so he knows the ins and outs of the job. Your Project Manager will make sure everything is planned, co-ordinated and completed, while leaving you to get on with your work.
In the end, you have a custom-designed, tailor-built Computer Room to your exact specifications.

Business case

Review how, after the implementation of its new computer room, the Provincie Vlaams-Brabant's 600 users can be logged onto the network at the same time, and 32,000 files can be shared simultaneously.