Network Integration

Our network solutions entail design, implementation, infrastructure management and outtasking of local area, metropolitan area and wide area networks for midsize and large enterprises and operators.


Companies within every industry, from financial services, healthcare and education to telecommunication service providers rely upon high bandwidth, highly available local, metropolitan and/or wide-area networks designed for simplicity, speed, scalability and savings and empowering business continuance, storage consolidation and multiservice integration. Simac knows the science of creating geographically dispersed networks. We design, implement and service solutions, thereby combining our competences in LAN/MAN/WAN, routing, switching, remote access, teleworking, Quality of Service, VPN, Directory Services, Gigabit, Ethernet, Wireless LAN, leased lines, xDSL, legacy networks (Token Ring, ATM, Frame Relay), IP Telephony, VOIP, voice-data integration.

In accordance with our customer's requirements and complexity, we implement performant, powerful, uniform, secure and modular LAN/WAN architectures with integration of Internet access, Virtual private Networks (VPN), remote access and links with third party networks.

For enterprises with a a large number of workplaces in a metropolitan area, or local ISP's, we deliver complete solutions for robust MAN infrastructures including quality of service mechanisms, enabling them to increase their service offerings, resulting into an increase in potential service revenue.

Optical (CWDM, DWDM)

Optical networks are growing at unprecedented rates to accommodate the explosion in data traffic brought on by new internet and enterprise applications. They meet the demands of highly multiplexed and voice and data traffic.

Combining intelligent optical networks with modern service management technologies opens existing opportunities for delivering new customized optical services directly to end-users, allowing fully exploitation of the economics of optical transport.

Simac provides innovative network solutions that are scalable, resulting in intelligent, versatile solutions with significant long-term value for enterprises.

Content Delivery Networks

End-users want to download bandwidth-heavy content such as streaming media, complex websites, giant data files, and they resent long download times or low quality images or sounds.This bandwidth-heavy content uses up available capacity, creating overloads and bottlenecks. Adding bandwidth cannot solve this. Entering CDNs, built to route and deliver content, can. CDNs are designed to sustain multiple locations with copies of the same content, while routing the user to the most appropriate site based on information about the user and the content requested. In effect, a CDN delivers any type of media: streaming media such as audio or video, web pages, documents, software or any other digital content.

A typical CDN consists of a group of servers, caches and routing software. Some companies offer services, some offer software, but only Simac offers a tailor-made design and implementation solution. A solution combining hardware, software and consultancy. Simac understands systems and networks, can install all hardware, configure all devices, and all this according to a design developed specially for the customer.