Simac PSF S.A. specializes in lifecycle management of the complete ICT environment. This lifecycle always contains a number of logical sequential steps, from consultancy to operational services. Our strategy is perfectly implemented by a team of qualified consultants, service engineers, project managers and service level managers.


These days the demands placed on the ICT department of your company are high. The ICT manager and his staff are not just expected to manage the day-to-day ICT environment. They are also expected to devise a well thought out strategy, policy and a vision for the future. For this reason, optimizing the expenditure on ICT is an important component of your ICT policy. Our consultants can give you a helping hand. They make sure that your expectations for ICT are met in the short and long term. Our consultancy range includes:


An ICT assessment gives you a picture of how things stand with your complete ICT infrastructure or a specific part of it. In fact, your ICT infrastructure forms the basis of all the ICT services within your company. These services need to be geared to the core activities of your business.


An optimal ICT infrastructure is essential for any company. An accurate assessment of the number of systems and applications that are required will help to optimise your ICT budget. You need to bear in mind the ROI (Return on Investment) and asset management. Simac PSF S.A. can help you with a network asset inventory, application inventory and system inventory.


An ICT design describes the conditions that the ICT environment has to meet. Starting from your business needs, we look for an optimal ICT concept and appropriate ICT design. The design can include all the components of the ICT lifecycle. We design a hardware environment, a software application plan and take responsibility for the support.

Project management

The success of your implementation depends largely on the way in which the project is managed. The project will only succeed if it is implemented by a well coordinated team that has all the competencies required and is led by an experienced project manager. The project managers of Simac PSF S.A. take responsibility for your project and supervise it from start to acceptance.


The success of an integration project depends largely on the way in which the steps of the process are managed. That’s why the planning and implementation must be done by a well-coordinated team that has all the competencies required.
Simac PSF S.A. works closely with leading suppliers. So we have qualified personnel for implementing each integration project according to the procedures laid down by the manufacturer.


Simac PSF S.A.’s certified engineers can install your new ICT equipment according to the procedures laid down by the manufacturer. If there are several new components that have to be installed, then we work according to an installation plan that we devise, if necessary, after a site survey.

Site survey

If you want to expand your ICT environment, it is often necessary to perform a site survey. During a site survey we investigate all the variables that can affect the installation of new ICT components. The real value of the site survey is revealed when the new technology is eventually purchased or implemented.

 Simac PSF S.A. can undertake the following investigations:

  • Wireless site survey
  • System installation site survey 


The great diversity of technologies means that it has become very difficult for an ICT department itself to manage all aspects of an ICT infrastructure in detail. That’s why you can get help from our service-desk service with all your ICT questions. Our specialised support can lead to major cost savings and provide a quick first line of support.  


To maintain your ICT environment at a high level, you need a complex set of support services. Specific types of support, such as helpdesk, on-site services and other services need to be perfectly geared to one another.

On-site multi-vendor service

Simac PSF S.A. has a service organisation that specialises in the installation, maintenance and operation of ICT infrastructure. We have an excellent call desk system, which means you can always check online the status of a solution to an incident you have reported or your request for a modification. 


Recurring problems are a typical problem of an ICT environment. After all, it is very difficult to determine exactly what the root cause (analysis) of these problems is. Thanks to its wide-ranging expertise and the help of the latest tools, Simac PSF S.A. can investigate your ICT problems in a structured way. So we can pinpoint exactly the cause of the difficulty. An analysis and the right strategic approach will solve your problem with maximum efficiency.

Operational Services

And what if your outsourcing partner is even more demanding than you?
Simac PSF S.A. says that outsourcing does not subtract from your business. By capitalizing on its expertise, Simac PSF S.A. helps clients improve their performance beyond simple cost savings.

Operational Services provided by Simac PSF S.A. stimulates high performance and provides the following benefits:

  • improvement in overall performance
  • efficiency and best practice
  • operational excellence
  • optimizing the increased accessibility and the use of technology
  • constant access to knowledge and extensive experience.

Infrastructure Outsourcing

With the outsourcing of the ICT infrastructure, Simac PSF S.A. enables enterprises to gain flexibility, scalability, predictability and security in their ICT environment.

Simac PSF S.A. offers a flexible array of services, ranging from a complete transformation of your service model to the simple solution of a specific cost or performance problem with full integration of remote or on-site execution.

With Simac PSF S.A., customers retain their assets, and gain control and flexibility. Simac PSF S.A. is responsible to manage their ICT infrastructure, relying on centralized resources, standardized processes and mobilizing the necessary skills. This approach leads us to reduce the technology footprint, while improving the quality of the delivered business services.

We combine on-site and remote management services in order to optimize, manage and develop the ICT infrastructure. Simac PSF S.A. is responsible for the proactive management of your critical applications and checks the back-up executions, monitors security policy, verifies error messages and if necessary undertakes corrective action. We use the latest methodologies, tools and technologies there.

Service Level Management

Service Level Management (SLM) defines, guarantees and checks the quality and quantity of ICT services. Agreements regarding these services are recorded in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The wide-ranging ICT infrastructure management services of Simac PSF S.A. are based on IT Infrastructure Library™ (ITIL).


If you think you do not have sufficient or suitable staff for specific jobs, you can call on our Out-tasking Services for medium or long-term tasks. In this way you still have access to competent and experienced ICT profiles. We have many years of experience in selling ICT solutions and out-tasking services, so we can easily think along with you in any project.
A contract with Simac PSF S.A. for Professional Services is a quality agreement with an ICT professional who will support your business every single day and provide added value. Whether it is for three months or three years – you will certainly notice the difference.