Retailers are operating in a rapidly changing environment. Traditional sales channels are making way for new concepts. Sometimes these are successful and at other times a lot less so. Meanwhile, the struggle for the margin continues. In this turbulent environment, ICT has a prominent role to play.

Your ICT partner for retail automation

For more than 15 years, Simac Retail has been supporting retailers with high-quality ICT services. We distinguish ourselves by our passion for knowledge. We are the experts in our field. We also believe that our customers’ knowledge is crucial. We want to know where your opportunities lie and what your concerns are, so that we can act on them. We approach people in a personal, friendly and professional manner, immerse ourselves in your business and are proactive in making suggestions for improving it. And we always strive to build a long-term partnership that benefits both parties. Ultimately we want to make every customer a Simac ambassador!

Complete confidence in your ICT

Do you see technology as an opportunity or a threat? One thing is certain: nowadays it is inconceivable for a retail chain not to have ICT. Whether for bricks-and-mortar outlets or online shops, the Internet and shop-floor digitalisation offer you countless new possibilities for contact with the customer. The opposite also applies: the customer can and will be able to choose how to shop. This creates a complex playing field where you constantly face choices. Where you have to make difficult decisions about whether or not to invest in which type of ICT. And at the same time you need to be able to have complete trust in the ICT environment that you already have.

Seizing opportunities

Is technology an opportunity or a threat? We definitely see it as a source of opportunities and we are happy to help our customers seize them. Simac Retail offers you specialised ICT services that are tailor-made for the needs and wishes of the retail industry, from head office to individual shop, and from logistics to e-commerce.

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