Managed Print Services

MPS Contract Procurement

Still there are a lot of Resellers out there hesitating or not paying any attention at all to selling Managed Print Services because providing print services can be more difficult than it seems in the first instance.

Contract Procurement

That’s why you as a Vendor want to provide these services in a very structured tiered approach with you and the Reseller sharing the responsibility and delivering each the own strong and unique part of the solution. The Reseller brings in his sales skills and tight customer relationship. In selling to his customer he makes use of the Vendor’s Managed Print Services portfolio of hardware and services. The Vendor charges the Reseller for the chosen hardware and a wholesale cost-per-page. The Reseller then is free to sell and invoice the customer at whatever margin he wants.


The prerequisite for a Vendor to enable MPS Contract Procurement is a monkey proof user friendly Managed Print Services configurator and procurement process. Even the most complicated MPS hardware configurations are no longer a challenge for the Reseller to offer with this excellent configurator.

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100% correctly configured MPS hardware solutions
Structured Vendor-Reseller procurement process
Reseller certification and accreditation