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E-learning is a multi-disciplinary course. Achieving optimal advantage requires knowledge and experience from various disciplines that are all used and have to work together to ultimately realize fully equipped e-learning. Simac has all the necessary expertise in the field of educational sciences, functional and technical management, interaction design, conversion capacity of teaching materials and project management. If additional competencies are required, we have a wide network of partners and specialists to exhaust. Examples include voice actors and a film crew.

The content of the e-learning can be composed and come from different parties. This content can therefore be very diverse in terms of subject and complexity. This means that Simac is not a professional expert but provides expertise to turn other people's expertise into a state of the art e-learning. Simac provides education, government and business. These can be long-term, diplomatic courses, but also short or longer courses and training courses to introduce a work process or working method or new application within a company.

Design and develop e-learning

The design and development of an e-learning takes place in close cooperation between Simac as a contractor and the supplier of content, the client. The client supplies the content for the e-learning. Simac designs a template for e-learning. The content is processed within the designed template. Within an e-learning we can process various information forms such as theory, questions and answers, (practice) tests, photos, graphs, videos, animations and videoscribes.

Distribution of e-learning

E-learning is distributed via the web based or SaaS e-learning application TrainingBOX / LearningBOX from Simac. As input for the application a website or portal of a school, partner or Simac can be used. It is possible to link the application single sign on to other electronic learning environments.
The application is accessible with a username and password with 'any device' and available internet.