Education solutions

Solutions for the education industry

Your ICT partner for automation in education

Our ICT solutions for education are clearly aligned with the latest trends in education (secondary, professional and higher education). We can see that schools are increasing in scale, resulting in ever more administrative tasks. We also notice that in schools there is increasing pressure on the network. The availability of WiFi in particular is increasingly a key factor. We are happy to respond to this need with our ICT education solutions.

Attendance monitoring

Attendance monitoring is of great importance in virtually every type of educational institution (although the aims of monitoring often differ). Simac has practical solutions for all forms of education. Just as for planning & timetabling, and online access control.

Document automation

In education, too, document automation can bring many benefits, in particular for absence forms and exam forms. We have gained considerable experience, from secondary education to universities. An illustrative example of our ICT education solutions is the well-known CITO test. The results of this test are processed using our scan and capture solution.

Knowledge of ICT and education