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Managed Print Services (MPS) is a great opportunity for you to increase your printing revenue. But if you also want to offer MPS via your resellers, you need an infrastructure that makes this possible. And we have exactly the right solution for that!

MPS for your reseller channel

We offer a transparent, easy-to-use Channel MPS solution that you can offer to your indirect channel under your own label. This MPS solution will smoothly guide your reseller through the MPS sales activities and the reseller does not need to keep track of quotations, contract and billing records. This removes all barriers to the sale of MPS from your resellers. Good for their turnover, and of course yours too.

Characteristics of our MPS solution

Our MPS solution is fully web based, is modularly designed, now runs in 15 countries and is available in all desired languages. Integration with local parties such as lease companies, service organisations, hardware and supplies distributors is in place. We also collect service and usage data from the MPS installed base and use it to automatically control service requests, supplies orders and contract invoicing.

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