Simac PSF (Luxemburg)


Simac has first-class knowledge of every aspect of ICT infrastructures and combines this with thirtyfive years’ experience. From intelligent cabling and infrastructure designs, (W)LAN/MANWAN and optical (CWDM, DWDM) network environments, open systems & client/server infrastructure to data management and ICT infrastructure management. Simac specializes in integration – via projects and long-term contracts – and services. Our core activity is to guarantee that companies’ infrastructures are available every day and continue working according to their expectations.

Our commitment

We commit ourselves to bringing our customers solutions that help them achieve their business goals, maximize their return on investment, grow along with their needs, adapt to changes, so that they no longer have to worry about their ICT infrastructure and they can focus solely on their core business.

Our key competitive strengths are:

  • A perfect synergy between know-how in two different fields: networks & systems.
  • A project-focused approach with outstanding project management expertise.
  • Excellence in service delivery, with our team of academically trained and certified, young people with an extensive expertise.
  • Service levels from conventional maintenance contracts to tailored infrastructure management services. Geared towards the specific needs of each customer.
  • Partnership with market-leading suppliers of hardware, software and infrastructure; and eco-partners.
  • Virtual teams, consisting of account managers, consultants, project managers, en engineers, dedicated to addressing the entire ICT question for every specific project.
  • Flexible, commercially oriented organisation.
  • Extensive customer-base.