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Micro Point Pro
MPP is one of the worldwide top suppliers of automatic and manual wire bonders. You will find the MPP Manual Wire Bonders in many Universities, Technical Institutes, R&D departments of small and big companies, etc.  The MPP Manual Wire Bonders are very stable, reproducible and reliable, no wonder that you will find many bonders of several older generations still operational on many places worldwide.

Features of the 4522 and 4524AD manual ball bonders:
Independently adjustable wire parameters:
- separate force control for 1st and 2nd bond (10-250 g)
- separate bond time control for 1st and 2nd bond (10-1000 ms)
- separate bond power control for 1st and 2nd bond (up to 2.5 W)
- separate search height control for 1st and 2nd bond

The 4522 analog manual ball bonder features turning knobs to set these 4 parameters wire parameters, 1st and 2nd bond.

With the 4524AD digital manual ball bonder, these parameters are set using push buttons, a digital menu and small display, providing also program storage up to 200 programs, including looping and step parameters.

No springs are used to apply bond force; digitally controlled components are utilised.
No vacuum or air pressure is required for operation.
Phase locked loop (PLL) ultrasonic generator and high-Q transducer.
Standard access bonding is 9 mm (0.360”) deep with full range fine Z motion control.
Deep Access bonding, up to 12.7 mm (0.500”) bond tool travel, using capillaries of 15.9 mm (0.625”) length.
In manual mode, the Manual Z provides operator control of bond head motion.
In semi-automatic mode, the operator just positions the 1st bonding area and clicks the mouse; the machine runs the Z and Y motion, based on selected parameters, controlling the wire length, loop height and shape in a reproducible manner.

Mouse & Manual Z can be arranged either right or left handed.

Large 15 x 15 mm (6” x 6”) bonding area.

Built-in temperature controller for workholder.

High-end digital negative electronic flame-off (NEFO) is standard:
- auto-stop in case of ball formation errors (e.g. missing ball)
- capability to produce 50 micron (0.002”) diameter bonded balls
- consistent ball sizes

Wire sizes from 17 - 75 micron (0.0007” - 0.003”) diameter gold.

Multi-process bonding:
- ball bonding
- bumping
- coining
- Tab bonding

- Many different workholders
- Various microscope and spotlight targeting options available
- Variety of wire types: Gold and Copper (with Copper kit option)


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