Test / R&D en meetapparatuur

Simac Masic & TSS uw aanspreekpunt in de Benelux en Europa

Simac Masic & TSS is voor volgende testapparatuur (R&D), cleaning equipment en meetapparatuur uw aanspreekpunt in de Benelux en Europa.

Daarbij kunt u denken aan omgevingstestapparatuur om invloed van UV of zout te testen en sterk versnelde levensduur testapparatuur. Tevens leveren wij ook temperatuur schokproef apparatuur, ovens, cleaning apparatuur om na zaagprocessen uw producten schoon te krijgen. Last but not least meetapparatuur om uw producten elektronisch op functionaliteit te testen na doorlopen van eventuele testprogramma's.

                       BURN-IN & RELIABILITY TESTING
* industrial (vacuum) ovens, freezers, incubators, climatic test chambers

                       ENVIRONMENTAL TESTING
InTest Thermal Solutions
*ATS Advanced Thermostreams, Thermosports and hot/cold Chucks for wafers/probers
*hot/cold Plates and fully customisable hot/cold Thermal Chambers (-180/+500 ºC)
*hot/cold Chucks and Platforms for substrates, up to +600 ºC
*LC cells and holders to test Liquid Crystals
*Hast, LED-Hast and Air-Hast systems (Pressure Cooker Test), test boards
*ovens (Halt), temperature-humidity (environmental tests), temperature-cycling and temperature-
 shock, UV/weathering and salt-spray testsystems

                        BONDING &  TESTING
Micro Point Pro (MPP)
*Manual wedge, ball- and "dual" bonders
*Pull, tweeze and shear testers; cold ball and pillar pull bonding testers

                       R&D VISION / INSPECTION
AST Products
* contact angle measurement equipment
* video microscope systems
* industrial machine vision inspection systems; 2D/3D/X-Ray, micro-electronics inspection

* picoprobe High-Frequency FET probes, up to 110 GHz
* low-cost manual probe stations
Kinetic Systems   
* vibration isolation tables and table-tops

                       LASER TRIMMING, MARKING & CUTTING
Laser Systems
* laser trimming, marking and cutting systems
New Wave Research
* laser cutter (in combination with probe station and microscope for failure analysis)

Ultron Systems
* wafer-on-dicing-foil applicators, UV curing systems, UV tape
Ultra-t Equipment
* cleaners for flat screens, substrates, photomasks, wafers
* coaters for homogenous thin layers; manual and cassette to cassette

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