Simac PSF S.A.


Simac's solutions enable enterprises, carriers and service providers to rapidly create and deliver high margin, business-oriented services over unified IP networks, by integrating the most comprehensive set of legacy and emerging service capabilities - including leased line, Frame Relay, ATM, VOIP, intelligent VPN and internet traffic. Simac designs IP converged/multiservice solutions resulting in lower capital investment costs, lower deployment costs and lower network management costs.

IP Telephony

IP telephony offers a flexible, cost-saving alternative to PBX technology through voice over IP. It enables telephony applications such as unified messaging, virtual collaboration, and intelligent virtual call centers.

Simac has extensive design, implementation and services competences to build and deploy your IP telephony network. We partner with industry leaders to deliver the most advanced IP telephony solutions. Experienced and certified Simac network consultants can help you reduce risks, costs, and deployment time. With our extensive experience in high availability and telecommunications solutions, we can offer you the benefits of a total lifecycle approach for your IP telephony solution.

Our IP Telephony services include:

  • IP Telephony Assessment - to evaluate the impact of IP telephony on your environment
  • Designing and Planning - including needs analysis, solution design, and identification of critical success factors
  • IP Telephony Pilot - to help you evaluate the benefits and viability of an IP telephony system
  • Implementation - including a detailed project plan, phased implementation, and integration with your existing infrastructure


Whether you are a telecom service provider, a carrier, a callshop operator, or an enterprise whose business depends on effective communication, Simac has the VOIP solution for your network. The keywords for our innovative solutions are maximum flexibility, rapid deployment and high cost-effectiveness. Simac's VoIP services are delivered with the quality of service, reliability and security required for your mission critical business communications.

Simac offers a broad portfolio of VoIP solutions designed to help you achieve your business objectives at the pace your business requires...

  • Corporate Networks: VoIP helps you mazimize your networking investment by providing you with high quality voice communications that can seamlessly connect your entire enterprise
  • Branch Offices: IP Telephony services give you the flexibility to deploy advanced features throughout the entire enterprise. Whether your employees are located at headquarters or a remote office, they can all benefit from the productivity enhancements of IP Telephony.
  • Remote Workers: Whether you have full-time, part-time or occasional remote workers, Simac will be providing services that support their needs with cost effective, feature rich options that allow them to be "always at their desk".
  • Call Centers: As your call centers evolve to be IP-enabled, Simac will evolve with you and provide critical VoIP services to help you gain new efficiencies and capabilities as you serve your customers.

Unified Messaging

Simac integrates all your message streams into one integrated messaging system:

  • fax
  • voicemail
  • email
  • SMS