Tosho Inc. / Automated Tablet Dispensing & Packaging Systems 
Since their founding in 1971 with headquarters in Tokyo Japan, Tosho has grown to more than 76 service points in Japan with showrooms in Tokyo and Osaka. Not only are they the market leader in Japan, but they have also conducted much successful business overseas selling their systems to countries like Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, Scandinavia, Ireland, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Currently Tosho has over 5000 Automated Tablet Dispensing & Packaging Systems (ATDPS) operational in hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesale companies worldwide.

How do Automated Tablet Dispensing & Packaging Systems work?
An ATDPS (Automated Tablet Dispensing & Packaging System) is commonly referred to as a ‘tablet packaging machine’. Tosho’s ATDP systems ensure that all the individual patient’s necessary tablets for one intake moment are being carefully packed into small plastic bags. This makes it so much easier for the patient to take the correct medicines in the prescribed dosage at the right time. This way of packaging is also known as ‘Baxtering', a ‘Baxter roll' or as a 'medicine pouch roll’. Tosho ATDP systems effectively help to provide the patient their medicines on a daily basis in the most reliable way.

Why are Tosho & Simac partners?
Our partnership started in 2004 and resulted in the first local support services for the Tosho ATDP systems in the Benelux region. From the beginning the relation between Tosho and Simac Masic has been a very constructive and promising collaboration. Ever since, Simac Masic has optimized many medicine distribution processes within pharmacies, hospitals and pharmaceutical wholesalers by applying Tosho systems. 

Tosho Automated Tablet Dispensing & Packaging Systems  Simac & Tosho, your partners in Pharmacy automation


Simac & Tosho, your partners in Pharmacy automation