About Simac


A lot of our suppliers are partners. It is only by working closely together with them, at a knowledge level, that we can arrive at the best solutions for our customers. Simac is basically a system integrator. Each solution we develop is an ecosystem of knowledge partners. Each solution consists of different components. These can be hardware and software. Each component has its own specific properties. It is our job to make all these components work together and communicate seamlessly. And you can only realize that if you’re very close with the parties involved.

Broad portfolio

Simac may be selective in who it partners up with, but has deliberately opted for a broad portfolio. Customers can expect us to always provide the best solution. This means that for each request we look at which partners have the best offer. We work with partners who, like Simac, focus on innovation and high quality. This also means that we want to have the highest possible status with our partners. That shows that our expertise is indeed at a high level.

Joint responsibility

The great thing about the ICT chain is that all the parties know that collaboration makes them stronger and better. We have a joint responsibility: how can we work together to ensure that ICT helps our customers and society as a whole to function and perform in the best way possible? We need each other. We need our partners because of their specific solutions. They need us to match their solutions to the needs of our customers. Our partners also contribute to Teamnology.

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