Do you see technology as an opportunity or a challenge? One thing is certain: IT can not be ignored at any retail chain. Whether it concerns physical stores or online web shops; Internet and digitization of the shop floor offer you countless new opportunities to get in touch with the customer. The same applies: your customer can and wants to choose how he or she shops. This provides a complex playing field in which you are constantly faced with choices. Where you have to make difficult decisions, about whether or not to invest and in which form of ICT. At the same time, you must be able to blindly rely on your ICT environment.

Full-service ICT integrator

Within the broad Simac portfolio of ICT services, we consciously opted for a specialization towards retailers years ago. This choice has resulted in a large number of retail customers that we support with specific ICT-related services such as: Shop Services (Shop Release Management), RetailNet, Outsourcing, Security, Cloud Computing and Mobility.

Services tailored to retail

Simac Retail has been supporting retailers with high-quality ICT services for over fifteen years, tailored to the requirements and wishes of the retail sector, from head office to shop, from logistics to e-commerce. We distinguish ourselves through our drive and knowledge. We are the experts in our field. We also find knowledge about our customers crucial. We want to know where your chances are and what your concerns are so that we can respond to them. We deal with people in a personal, pleasant and professional manner, immerse ourselves in your business and proactively come up with proposals for improvement. And we always strive for a long-term partnership that is profitable for both parties. Ultimately, we want to make a Simac ambassador for every customer!