Within the Simac organization, Simac Triangle primarily focuses on developing, implementing and supporting software applications. The focus is on three segments: Managed Print Services, the Social Domain and Privacy Information Management.

“Simac Triangle offers software applications for very specific target groups. We always develop our applications in close consultation with the people from those target groups, so that we can be sure that they meet the specific challenges in the field. ”

Rudie Piessens - Director Simac Triangle

Managed Print Services

Simac Triangle focuses on offering and supporting the Pay-Per-Use business model, in which we fully facilitate the IT infrastructure and the administrative organization. We mainly focus on suppliers of printers and copiers, photo printing equipment, means of transport, payment equipment, drinks machines and management services. Our integrated solution supports contract management, billing and registration and processing of service requests and consumables requests.

The original concept of Managed Print Services comes from Xerox in the late 1960s. They started paying for copiers based on copies made. Currently, the majority of copiers, multifunctionals and printers in the business sector are used and settled on the basis of use. The need for consumables and maintenance is automatically signaled and taken care of. The use of such equipment is seen as a “carefree” service and is financially more advantageous over the entire useful life.

The Managed Print Services application software developed within Triangle is a SaaS solution for offering managed print service contracts via the (indirect) direct sales channel. This includes equipment financing, toner supplies, service maintenance and billing based on the use of the printers or multifunctionals.

Social Domain software platform

Simac Triangle also has the Central Station software application. This is used in the social domain: at municipalities and organizations in Social Work and Welfare. The application is an important support when it comes to, among other things, the Social Support Act (Wmo), Youth and Family and Debt Assistance.The Central Station solution has bundled all the tasks of the municipalities, from A to Z, including the front and back office, in one system: for WMO, Participation Act, Youth Act, Work & Income, Debt Assistance, CJG and Safe Home. The links to GBA, iWmo 2.3, iJw 2.3, CORV, SEPA and Vecozo in accordance with VNG Realization are included. With this integrated solution, municipalities regain control of their processes so that professionals can excel in their work. Naturally, Central Station generates valuable reports and management information to continuously and demonstrably improve the processes in the Social Domain.

Privacy Management and Governance, Risk & Compliance

Compliance with the GDPR laws and regulations is quite a responsibility. PIMS helps monitor the overview and be GDPR compliant. Many organizations use Excel documents and checklists that do not always match. This can cause you to lose overview and grip on privacy. In the meantime, everything must be in order. Because those who do not comply with the legislation run the risk of hefty fines.The Simac Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) application software is a SaaS solution that has been marketed to fully support organizations in complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws and regulations. PIMS supports in managing the registration around Data Leaks, Processing Register, Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), Risks, Measures, Requests, Permissions, etc.

With entities such as stakeholder and threat analyses, deviations and measures that are linked to the controls of standards, a framework has been created with which organizations both guarantee the management of their Information Security and the certification process. The Simac PIMS-GRC application was developed in collaboration with the Security and Compliance team of Simac Techniek and their sister BV Simac Triangle. We call this "Teamnology" at Simac.

Managing Environmental and Energy Standards, despite the HLS structure, is quite different from managing an information security policy along the GRC line. With the use of PIMS-GRC, a transition has been made from initially ad-hoc and deliberately reactive, to a determined proactive and managed focus. It is an application with which I can view the status of our Information Security Policy at any time, and always from a different perspective.

Peter Veraa - Director GRC Simac Techniek
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