Pay-Per-Use businessmodel

Simac Triangle concentrates on offering and supporting the Pay-Per-Use business model, with which we completely facilitate your IT infrastructure and administrative organisation. We focus mainly on suppliers of the following products and services: printers and photocopiers, photo printing equipment, means of transport, payment equipment, beverage vending machines, and management services. Our comprehensive solution supports contract management, invoicing and the recording and processing of service requests and requests for consumables.


Simac Triangle can implement the total solution in-house on your premises, but also as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. With this solution we take the whole process off your hands, from the offer up to and including invoicing the end user.

Pay-Per-Use and SaaS

The Pay-Per-Use program is focused on enabling your sales channel to conclude long-term contracts with customers, in which the use of your products is positioned as a service. These are contracts in which the products are charged for based on actual use, your service provision in relation to these products, as well as the purchase of consumables. This is known as the Pay-Per-Use concept. Everyone knows this concept from mobile phones, of course, but it can be applied much more widely. 

Managed Print Services

With this original marketing concept, created by Xerox at the end of the 1960s, photocopying equipment was charged for on the basis of the number of copies made. Currently the bulk of photocopiers, multifunctionals and printers used in business are deployed and paid for on the basis of use, with the need for consumables and maintenance being detected and dealt with automatically. The use of such equipment is seen as a service that ‘unburdens’ the customer and it is financially more advantageous over the total service life of the equipment.

Internet of Things

Already used successfully for years by Managed Print Services, this involves the appliance reporting through the Internet that it needs a service or specific consumables, and the service or materials then being provided automatically. Simac Triangle has successfully provided support for the process for years. Due to the increase in diversity of intelligent Internet-connected devices, this expertise is deployed very broadly.

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