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Within the social domain, municipalities have responsibilities in the care and support of their residents. In recent years, municipalities have had their hands full with the system changes and all the changes that accompany them. The changed legislation has placed a large responsibility in the social domain on the municipalities, whereby the municipalities had to regain control of all these processes. Simac offers a solution with the software platform Central Station.

Control over processes

The Simac solution Central Station has bundled all the tasks of the municipalities, from A to Z, including the front and back office, in one system: for WMO, Participation Act, Youth Act, Work & Income, Debt Assistance, CJG and Safe Home. The links to GBA, iWmo 2.3, iJw 2.3, CORV, SEPA and Vecozo in accordance with VNG Realization are included. With this integrated solution, municipalities regain control of their processes so that professionals can excel in their work. Naturally, Central Station generates valuable reports and management information to continuously and demonstrably improve the processes in the Social Domain.

Provide overview

Are you currently working with various information facilities and flows and would you like to bring this together clearly? With Central Station, your employees have an integrated and proven solution for client cards and files, e-mails, messages, decisions and decisions, documents, time registration and caseloads. This results in a very cost-effective and user-friendly implementation of the registrations. Due to our focus on the WMO, Youth care, Care and welfare sector, we are specialized in this sector.