You undoubtedly already have existing IT systems. How can you use the benefits of the cloud solution without immediately having to throw away what you already have? Simac uses the so-called hybrid cloud. This means that a cloud solution is combined with hardware and software within your company. This allows you to simultaneously benefit from the advantages of hardware and software at your location and the cloud solution.

Looking for a new cloud-solution?

If you do not have your own IT systems yet, we can arrange your complete IT infrastructure for you. In addition to the fact that we can think along with your design, this means that we can also take immediate account of backups, workstations as a service and collaboration in the cloud.

Configuring your cloud solutions together?

Would you like to know how best to design your own cloud solution? Whether it is about integrating with your existing IT systems or setting up a new ICT infrastructure. We are happy to think along with you and advise you on this. Where do you start? Where are the benefits and what are the risks. Feel free to contact us to see how you can make optimal use of ICT or do the test to check if your workspaces are ready for the cloud.

A suitable solution for every organization!
Our colleagues are one by one expert in their field and always know how to find a suitable solution for your organization together with you!

Proud of our customers
We have clients in the most diverse sectors, from the care and education sector to the automotive and industrial sectors, spread throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. We go for a good cooperation and link where necessary with an optional (ERP) system.