How many clouds does your organisation need to be an agile, flexible and innovative organisation? A growing number of large sized companies in retail, finance and other sectors, discovered that they need more and more cloud capacity. According to research firm Gartner, 60% of these companies will work with a multicloud strategy by 2022. Simac is happy to help you realise this strategy!

Digital transformation and cloud

Digital transformation is at the top of the agenda in nearly every management consultation. Digitisation of business operations enables organisations to make a difference in terms of customer experience, product development and efficiency; the aspects on which organisations are judged in the market. This digitisation is to a large extent facilitated by cloud development. The challenge that organisations now face is the great diversity in clouds.

Multicloud: makes the difference

Multicloud is the cloud environment that could make a significant difference to your business. This requires an infrastructure that excels in connectivity (speed, accessibility and availability), whether it consists of an on-premise environment, a private cloud, a public cloud or a combination thereof. Of course, security must also be arranged, while the costs should be kept under control.

Powered by Simac

Simac offers a team of experts that enables your organisation to lead the way in the competition. That team of experts is manned by people who help you translate your organisational strategy into a multicloud strategy. Every organisation has its own DNA that determines the daily work processes, which makes every organisation unique. Simac can seamlessly connect your DNA to your multicloud strategy. Our experienced experts in cloud solutions support you in realising this. The team develops tools to help you keep a grip on costs and performance.

Years of experience with cloud

Simac already set up its first own private cloud in 2012 and offered it as a service to customers. This environment has developed into a multicloud platform with a varied range of cloud solutions. Together with partners such as Microsoft, VMware and HPE, we use the latest tools and we continue to innovate. In addition, Simac is constantly working to continue to certify itself.