The holding company Simac Techniek NV comprises operating companies – the Simac companies – offering a wide range of solutions, products and services. Would you like more information about a specific Simac company? Select below the company that you are interested in.

Simac Techniek

+31 (40) 258 29 44

Simac Obec
Simac IT NL

+31 (0) 40 258 29 11

Simac IDS
Simac Education
Simac Healthcare
Simac Retail
Simac Document Solutions
Simac Electronics
Simac Quadcore
Simac Masic

+31 (0)45 7502100

Simac Triangle
Simac ICT Belgium
Simac PSF (Luxemburg)
Simac Professional (Luxemburg)
Simac Technik (Czech Republic)