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Simac | Your Space

The digital workplace for your organisation. Access to applications and data anywhere in the world, regardless of the type of device or the role of users. Simac | Your Space is flexible, scalable and easy to use. A secure workplace made easy! 

Welcome to Simac
Hi, my name is Luc. If you have any questions about our digital workplace, just call the office or click on the button below. I’m happy to help!
personal workplace
Your personal workplace

Make your life easier with your required business applications, communication platform and data accessible via a single interface. A proven adoption programme ensures a good introduction of the digital workplace, increases productivity and stimulates the job satisfaction of every end user.

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A secure workplace

In the modern digital climate, ensuring good cyber security is a matter of course. That's why Simac | Your Space was developed based on the Zero Trust model and from the core 'Secure by Design'. Your digital workplace is safe and under control!

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Flexible and dynamic workplace
Flexible and dynamic

Simac | Your Space is a mature, flexible workplace. Because we understand that every organisation has specific preferences and requirements, you can expand the workplace concept with additional options.  

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Workplace as a Service
Workplace as a Service

The digital workplace is scalable and cost-effective. Add new users in an instant and move with the energy of teams. Our engineers work to keep Your Space evolving. So you work, anytime, anywhere, with the latest version of your digital workplace.

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Industry specific workplace

Simac | Your Space has been developed in such a way that it can be used in different industries. The 70-20-10 principle facilitates this. An industry specific digital workplace helps you get ahead in your field.

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On the way to your new digital workplace

Simac | Your Space is a cloud workplace and therefore operating system independent. In addition, the concept can be installed on your own hardware or hardware supplied by Simac. Once the organisation’s needs have been identified, the step to commissioning is only a small one. The fully automated implementation of the digital workplace is fast and effortless because the structure is based on Infrastructure as Code. This also enables us to quickly make updates and new possibilities available within the workplace. This way, you avoid a lengthy process with a lot of waiting time, and we guarantee consistency. You can get started within one day! 


The three steps towards Simac | Your Space

A new digital workplace for your organisation in no time!

Digital workplace

Do you also want to get started with Your Space?

If you are interested in the digital workplace Your Space, please get in touch. We are happy to give you advice about your new digital workplace.

“Team Workplace of DELA IT has started using a new roadmap for its digital workplace. A cloud-managed workplace is the long-term perspective. When Simac told us it was also working on this, we investigated how we could reinforce each other. The result was a very successful proof of concept among a small group of users, with virtually no major issues apart from the known limitations. The selected colleagues were handed a nice new laptop, and after completing a couple of questions, their laptop was automatically configured.”

“Simac has now renamed the workplace Simac | Your Space, and we are working with them to roll out Your Space at DELA. All this should eventually lead to a digital workplace available to everyone within DELA. This is how we deliver more and more value to our users, and we learn together from the experiences to do the right things.”

Bas van Heusen - IT Service Manager, Coöperatie DELA

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