Together we automate your Accounts Payable/ Purchase-to-Pay process or data and documents with attention for every detail. How many invoices do you process every year? Are you looking for a solution for salesorders? How do you capture, verify and archive your documents? Have you got a lot of inboxes where data goes in and out? And in which ERP-system do you work? What is your challenge?

"At an early stage we define the total scope without already choosing for specific software. We want to be an advisor and partner for you. Together we choose the solution that's fits best."

Dico Harteman - Salesmanager at Simac Document Solutions

Why Simac Document Solutions?

You are looking for a solution to automate and optimize your document- or invoiceprocess. Save time, money and get more insights and control in your financial situation. Choose service, support and the most up-to-date software, choose Simac. 

"Our partnership with our suppliers is good and that's why we can offer you the best solution for Purchase-to-Pay (& e-invoicing), OCR, Order-to-Cash, Document Management, AI & RPA."

Gerrina Baaijen - Contract managener & Secretary at Simac Document Solutions
Invoice processign with Simac Document Solutions

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Are you looking for Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) software or do you work with the P2P software Rillion? And you have a question? Please send us an email >


Do you work with the Accounts Payable (AP) cloud software Kofax AP Essentials? Or are you looking for this product? Please send us an email >

Invoices or Data/ Documents?

Purchase-to-Pay automates the whole procurement process from order to payment of the invoice, with matching if you wish. The OCR-software has international opportunities to capture and verify invoices and/or data of documents. Choose how you want to implement the software. In the cloud? Or let Simac take care of the complete invoice process without you having to worry about a thing!

Document and data automation with Simac Document Solutions

"Making software is great but the succes of the solution depends on the people. As different parties work together it is hard to make a project succesful. In an ideal world, when you have the right knowledge and resources at the right time available, we deliver a P2P project in 15 weeks with the (key)users."

Peter Versteegt - Purchase-to-Pay consultant at Simac Document Solutions
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My name is Connie Struik and I'll bring you in contact with the right colleague

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