Nowadays an ICT environment which is flexible and tailored to your situation is extremely valuable. With this environment you can perfectly take care of your company and respond quickly to changes. That does require an IT partner who is at home in all kind of markets and always ready for you. Large and medium-sized organizations find this involved partner in Simac. A partner driven by knowledge who can take over all facets of your IT infrastructure. You can choose from a wide range of services.

Focus on flexibility

Flexibility is an important condition to function optimally in the current economy. Outsourcing services, managed services and cloud computing offer that flexibility. That is why we specialized ourself in these subjects. With a wide range of services we can always realize a solution that perfectly fits your needs. So that your employees can work anywhere at anytime, with the same resources as in the office. In addition, you can limit your IT investmentss. You can scale up and down your IT services as needed.

Knowledge is important

Knowledge is the driving force behind our services That is why we invest heavily in knowledge expansion. Our employees are constantly aware of the latest technological possibilities. In that they are constantly challenged. By sharing expertise and following courses and current events. But above all by continuously increasing our knowledge about your organization. Only in this way we can stay ahead. And are we able to always get the maximum return out of your IT environment.

Simac IT NL

Simac IT NL is the name of the cluster in which the entities Simac ICT Nederland bv, Simac Business Solutions bv, Simac Phobos bv and Simac B.sis bv are grouped. Simac IT NL provides services and solutions in the field of information technology within various industries.

Our branches


ICT solutions designed for the retail industry


ICT solutions in the finance industry.


ICT solutions in the healthcare sector


ICT solutions for the government sector


ICT solutions for the industry sector


ICT solutions for the education sector

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