Corporate Social Responsibility

Would you like to work with an organization that has an eye for the world around us? With an organization where concepts such as sustainability, climate, environment and certification are not empty concepts? And where, when making business decisions, there is a constant aim for a careful balance between People, Planet & Profit?

"At Simac, the focus is on sustainable business operations, with long-term continuity and social responsibility being paramount."

Peter Veraa - Director Governance, Risk & Compliance at Simac

Simac gets started with CSR

Why and since when are we aware of this? And how does Simac give substance to this in practice? Peter Veraa (director Governance, Risk & Compliance) has been with Simac since 2010 and has been responsible for our CSR policy since 2015. He tells more about Simac and corporate social responsibility in practice. Questions? Ask Peter!

"What is your CO2 footprint?"

“In 2015 we became aware that we were increasingly receiving questions from customers and from the market such as: 'What is your CO2 footprint?' And 'What are you doing with CSR?' From that moment on, this was a hot topic for management. and the question was therefore not whether but how we should actively deal with this. We decided to work with a uniform standard at an overarching level, ie centrally from the holding company, because that helped our operating companies enormously. "

"I believe that corporate social responsibility is self-evident in the present time. We always try to translate our products and services into innovative and sustainable solutions for companies. We see it as our responsibility to make Simac employees aware of CSR and this to our stakeholders such as communicating suppliers, customers and prospects. "

Maartje van Schagen - CEO Simac Techniek NV

"It is our job to take good care of our environment"

"Since 2016 I have been enthusiastically working on giving direction, managing and implementing the CSR policy. From my background (administrative IT / business development) I was busy with figures every day. In my current role, this goes hand in hand with my intrinsic motivation ... our job to take good care of our environment. "

"I really believe in the continuity of Simac with credible sustainable business operations. I am happy to be jointly responsible for that!"

Peter Veraa - Director Governance, Risk & Compliance at Simac

The 7 themes of our formal CSR policy
  • Management of the organization
  • Human Rights
  • Working Conditions
  • Environment
  • Fair business
  • Customer Affairs
  • Involvement in and development of the community

From standard to certificate to employee

"Rolling out the CSR policy is a major task. Certain certifications are relevant for all operating companies, such as those relating to privacy, the environment and energy, but there are also certifications that are not, such as information security in healthcare."

"The fact that our operating companies work autonomously and from different locations does not make meeting all standards any easier. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with the operating companies themselves. And of course it is not about the certificate itself. Then it really just starts. For me, it is. only successful if it also works effectively: Plan, do, check, act! "

"In order to guarantee our CSR objectives as much as possible from a business-economic basis and at the same time to meet all government requirements, I have arranged my affairs in detail. My keywords here are: transparent, measurable, verifiable, intrinsic and relevant. of course not finishing checklists and checks. It is important to keep looking at the big picture and from time to time especially looking at all the steps that we have already taken! "

Peter Veraa - Director Governance, Risk & Compliance at Simac

The crowning glory

September 2017 - All efforts in the field of environmental management have been rewarded with a formal ISO14001 certificate. Peter Veraa (R) passes the certificate to board members Michael van Kasteren (L) and Eric van Schagen.

Proud of our (ISO) certifications