Every technology solution from Simac is a team effort

Shopping with a self-scanner, paying with a smartphone or watching a movie on demand. Most people do not realize that technology plays an increasingly important role in their lives. They just assume it works.

Ensuring that technology "works as usual" is becoming an increasing challenge for companies and organizations. Especially because technological developments follow each other at lightning speed and in the future more and more will be linked to each other.
But how do you ensure that all this technology works together effectively and safely?

For that you need a partner who does not see technology as a goal in itself but as an opportunity to make organizations more agile and efficient.

Simac is that partner. Over 50 years old and in that time grown into a company with 19 companies spread over 7 countries with 1300 employees. Simac consists of different operating companies, but is much more than the sum of these companies. Working together is in our DNA and our focus is always on the long term. As a family business we cannot and will not do otherwise.

Our organization is characterized by two aspects.On the one hand, the passion for technology. On the other hand, the family culture in which development and ownership are encouraged by employees. Cooperation is central at Simac. We look beyond our own specialisms and disciplines and combine our strengths and knowledge with those of our customers and partners. We do this because we believe that tackling technological challenges as a team provides better and sustainable solutions.

That is what we at Simac understand by Teamnology.