Family business

In 2014, Simac managed to delist itself. Since then, the company is once again a proud family business, that is able to set its own course without the constant short term intervention of external shareholders.

“I’ve never seen my dad as happy as on the day we delisted.”

Maartje van Schagen

Simac was founded by Mac van Schagen and his son Eric is currently CEO of the company (also see Simac's history). All four of his children also work at Simac, as does a cousin (son of Eric's sister). Simac can therefore rightly be called a family business.

Family business Simac

Short lines. Feeling seen and appreciated as an employee. Being given room to work. Room to be yourself and to grow within the company. But also, room to spend time with your family, if that requires priority. These are only a few of the examples Maartje van Schagen gives when she talks about the strengths of the family company: “There is no outside pressure. We do what we feel has to be done. And yes, that means ensuring that you are a healthy company. But the interests of the people who work here are always taken into account.”


Thijs van Schagen sees a high level of loyalty. Simac is loyal to its employees and employees are loyal to Simac. But we also have very loyal customers, who for the most part have been doing business with Simac for 5 years or longer. “We work hard and are putting the bar high for ourselves. We are critical of our results. It is a case of give and take. We also do this because there is one predominant feeling: Simac is all of us together. We stand for who we are and for what we do. You can feel that when you work here. You can feel that when you are a customer. Once you feel that click with a customer, then there is no better partner than Simac.”

The future of the family business

Cousin Bas van Tilborg is convinced that Simac will remain a family business in the future. “Who will be the boss when my uncle retires? It could be any of the three of us, or even someone from outside the company. It depends what is best for the company. And that is also the strength of a family business: the family supports the company, not the other way around.”