Simac Techniek NV is the name of the holding company. This includes the operating companies, the Simac companies. Simac Techniek is a two-tier company with a management board and an independent supervisory board. So there is a so-called two-tier management structure.

Managing board

The management is concerned with the management and strategy of the company, as well as with the use of resources and people. The management regularly consults with the supervisory board. Important decisions are submitted for approval to the Supervisory Board and / or the general meting of sareholders, in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Supervisory Board

The supervisory board supervises the policy of the management board and the general course of affairs and advises the management board. The Supervisory Board focuses on the interests of the company. Supervisory directors are appointed by the general meeting of shareholders on the recommendation of the supervisory board.

Corporate governance

Simac endorses the importance of sound corporate governance, including the integrity and transparency of the management's actions.
The best practice provisions of the Dutch corporate governance code are applied and observed by Simac in almost all areas. Simac applies a nuance to a number of best practice provisions and / or does not apply Simac or partially.

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