The Brabantsedag in Heeze attracts more than 30,000 visitors every year. The theater parade on the last Sunday of August is undoubtedly the highlight. No fewer than 16 wagon builders' groups with approximately two thousand actors travel the streets of Heeze with impressive towering theater sets. The audience is captivated by expressive or endearing drama. Seriousness and humor, reality and fantasy alternate and bring the past of the Duchy of Brabant to life in a completely contemporary way. Prior to the theater parade, the Brabantsedag offers cabaret, art, theater, street theater and music. In short, the Brabantsedag is a unique experience with culture and entertainment for young and old.

The Brabantsedag is an event in which a very large part of the community is involved. A tradition that is poured in with a spoon and is therefore in the DNA of almost every Heezenaar. This, together with the desire and concern to pass on the tradition of the Brabantsedag to new generations and keep it viable for the future, has resulted in the Brabantsedag being recognized in 2013 on the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.