Heideweek in Ede, a party week and one of the largest events in Gelderland. During the heather's heather period (in August), more than 70 events take place in all the villages of the municipality of Ede.

A special role is reserved for the Heath Highnesses, Heather Queen "Calluna" and Heather Princess "Erica". These honorary jobs have been filled since 1935. The names have been chosen after the two types of heath that frequently occur in the municipality of Ede. Calluna is the name of common heather and Erica of heather.
Throughout the year they visit about 50 events within and outside the municipality of Ede. For example, they are present at the opening of a store, they read to children at a school, give a speech or give the starting shot for a competition.

The highlight is the Heideweek

The highlight is of course the Heideweek itself. Then the Heide Highnesses will have "control" of the municipality transferred by the mayor for a week. The ladies are on the road from early to late to visit all activities, chat with the audience, eat, dance, cycle, et cetera. On Coronation Eve, the key is returned to the mayor and the task is over. The new Heide Heights will also be announced on this evening.