Nijmegen Four Days Marches


For many years, Simac has sponsored, through the Red Cross, the most sporty walking event with the nicest form from Simac, 'the foot form'. A lot is involved in filling in, scanning, processing and analyzing the 7,000 'blister forms'.

About the preparations

In the week of the Four Days Marches, Simac will deliver the approximately 7,000 forms and the super-fast scanners and PCs (with TeleForm software) that will be installed in the theater and where the data analysts will also receive instructions on how to use them on Monday. Subsequently, the entire process is run with a number of forms as a test. An IT team is present in the theater and there is also a permanent IT officer at all major deployment points to support the deployment of IT resources.

Measuring is knowing

With the input of approximately 7,000 forms, a database is filled with which analyzes are made on the basis of SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, a statistical computer program for the social sciences). Numbers of treatments, numbers of blisters, types of treatments, numbers of treatments per volunteer per day, correctness of the treatment (there are 2 methods). This and more is all registered on the basis of the scanned forms. In case of striking cases, based on those analyzes, the aim is to improve the quality or speed of treatment.