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Hello, my name is Jan de Peffer, bid manager at Simac. Need advice about ICT outsourcing? We are happy to help you.

For years, a good ICT infrastructure was an absolute condition for the success of companies and organizations. An ICT infrastructure can only contribute to success when it is used and used optimally. The power of IT was not in the infrastructure itself, but in the efficient management of this. The world is changing rapidly, however. Organizations ask for hybrid solutions. Knowledge of Public Clouds is of crucial importance for this. This requires efficient work processes, efficient work with suppliers, and above all, to provide a better "experience" to our customers.

Simac can support ICT outsourcing of your ICT infrastructure. In addition, Simac has knowledge of Public Clouds, which enables it to advise and take on a direction function so that you can keep a sharper focus on the core activities with more financial scope, creating new opportunities. And you are optimally prepared for the ever-growing complexity of ICT.

Carefully tailored ICT management

We think it is important, especially in ICT outsourcing, to know what the bottlenecks are for you. When you opt for ICT outsourcing, the concerns surrounding ICT are taken over. Through a lot of personal attention we constantly try to increase our knowledge about you as a customer, so that the ICT management can be executed carefully and tailor-made. Our approach starts with your users, whether that is your customer or your employees. By determining the needs of the users and your company, we can draw up the desired ICT developments with regard to the business priorities and proactively focus on the core activities of your company.

IT outsourcing at a certain level

The field of ICT is constantly evolving. ICT management is therefore difficult for companies and organizations that are not specialized in this. It is especially difficult to keep knowledge, skills and resources at a consistently high level over the entire width and depth. Our vision here is that, regardless of whether you outsource or continue to do IT management yourself, the complexity of ICT and ICT management is increasing. Collaboration between all applications and platforms, the integration of applications with your business processes, more and more knowledge is needed. Simac is specialized in this and can therefore offer you ICT outsourcing at a certain level.

Financial arguments outsourcing ICT management

When Simac takes over the IT management, this will happen with a high and consistent quality. This is because a large part of our organization has focused on ICT outsourcing. The matching cost structure is focused on an effective, but also extremely efficient management of an ICT infrastructure.